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Bloodborne has become almost the main source of inspiration for The Last of Us Part 2

Bloodborne has become almost the main source of inspiration for The Last of Us Part 2
  • the BloodborneIt could have been A The last of us part 2
  • At least in terms of track building and gameplay
  • But after a few months, this concept was abandoned
  • All of this was revealed in a documentary showing the development of the program

The good thing about behind the scenes videos is that we can learn a lot of things from them that we would never have thought in our wildest dreams about a product. naturally The last of us part 2 The documentary, which was unveiled in mid-January and revealed its somewhat cumbersome development, also revealed some oddities. Naughty dog It has recently received a revamp regarding its hit title – among other things, the creators have revealed which one Play Station The exclusive work had the greatest impact on them.

the Grounded 2: Making the Last of Us Part 2 On the basis of a video clip lasting more than two hours, initially a completely different concept began to take shape before the creators, the main source of inspiration for which was produced by FromSoftware. Bloodborne Volt. “For the first four or five months, we envisioned the game as an open-world title inspired by Bloodborne. The creativity was supposed to focus solely on melee combat.” said Anthony Newman, co-director of the game. Emilia Schatz, the show's chief designer, later added to what was said: “Bloodborne had a big, open space that got bigger and bigger as we started exploring it. What I really liked about it was that we basically controlled the world, which in itself became a kind of character during the adventure. So we started looking in that direction as well.” Schatz then said that as the work progressed, they realized that the (more) open world didn't fit the story and narrative at all, so they scaled it back and instead oriented the plot to the linear path used in the first part – although when we got to Seattle, we had Open and can be explored with relative freedom. Incidentally, the same documentary revealed that he is the midwife in the series (as well as the adaptation). Neil Druckman The concept of the third act is already in his head, and although the final story is still waiting for him, it can basically be confirmed that Ellie and Abby's story is far from over – if of course they are the main characters.

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