Beijing 2022: Ha, women's hockey team qualifiers

Beijing 2022: Ha, women’s hockey team qualifiers

The Poles have reached the Olympic qualifying group for the Hungarian women’s hockey team, which will take place from November 11 to 14 in Chumutov, Czech Republic, according to the Hungarian Telegraph Office.

The Poles advanced to the Hungarian qualifying group (Photo: AFP)


In addition to the Czech and Polish national teams who have just joined the qualifiers, the Hungarians will meet the Norwegians. The quartet finished first at the Beijing Five-a-Day Games in Beijing in February.

The women’s field has been on the Olympic program since 1998, and the Hungarians have never succeeded in this.

Already in August, it was decided that the Hungarian men’s team would not qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

Final Round of Women’s Olympic Qualifiers (November 11-14)
Group C (Chumotov): Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Hungary
Group D (Vossen): Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy
Fifth group (Lulia): Sweden, France, Slovakia, Republic of Korea
The first place winner from each group will advance to the Olympics.

Olympic rally
the group:
United States, Canada, Finland, Russia, Switzerland
Group B: Japan, China and the three qualifiers

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