Australia may demand huge compensation, there has been a data leak affecting ten million people

Singtel may have to dig deep into its pockets for a major data breach at its Australian subsidiary.

The Singaporean telecom operator said in a statement on Monday that it has begun an investigation into the data breach discovered in Optus, which may have affected nearly 10 million users, according to the latest information.

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According to the Australian government, the country’s second largest telecommunications provider has broken the law, and 40 per cent of the population has been subjected to “financial crimes”. The government urges the company to notify everyone about the data breach.

The company has not yet been notified of a class action lawsuit, but in preparation for it, it has already requested attorneys in case its clients need advice. Optus has also commissioned Deloitte to conduct an independent external investigation into the cyber attack.

“While we remain focused on protecting our customers and minimizing potential harm from theft of their data, we are determined to see what might happen,” said Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin.

Among the 10 million accounts that were hacked, the number of ID cards of 2.1 million customers was announced. The CEO of the company confirmed in his video message that steps are being taken to share documents – Written by CNA.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, he said it was too early to describe the nature of the attack, which Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill described as “simple” rather than complex.

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