Android 14 beta has also been released for Xiaomi, OnePlus and other mobile phones

Google recently released the second Android 14 beta, which we also reported, and at the same time they made the system available to other manufacturers. This means that you can now test out your new Android not only on Pixel phones, but on a host of other devices as well. We’ll take this in turn now.

The search giant included a total of 9 other brands in the Android 14 beta program, which are usually present with one device each, but Xiaomi, for example, has many more models. If one of your phones or tablets is on the list, you can become a tester and try out the new system.

As the trial version manufacturer’s manual is already available, we have included the link after the device name, you can get more information by clicking on it.


The fence:





Realistic me:



By the way, beta 1 is usually available for the phones listed, not the recently announced beta 2, which is only released for Pixel phones at the moment. However, manufacturers can switch to a newer version at any time during testing.

If you do not want to participate in the beta testing, the list can still be interesting, since there is a good chance that these models will be the first to receive the final Android 14 version from the manufacturer when it is released. Google is expected to release the new system sometime in August, and other manufacturers will be able to start updates in the fall.

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