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And for the first time, he participated in the Maundy Thursday III fundraiser.  Charles

And for the first time, he participated in the Maundy Thursday III fundraiser. Charles

The Queen died in the ninety-seventh year of her life, the seventy-first year of her reign, on the eighth of September last year at her summer residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The fund distribution ceremony took place before Easter on the XX. It was always held in London until the middle of the century. secondly. However, as long as her health permitted, Queen Elizabeth would visit the Anglican church in a different city each year to present her gifts of symbolic value.

Local residents over the age of seventy are usually nominated for recognition.

and seventy-four years the third. This time, Charles and his wife Camilla traveled to one of the most important centers of the Anglican Church, York in the north of England, and in the city’s huge cathedral, in York Minster Handing out token cash gifts.

According to tradition, the number of men and women corresponding to the full years of the king’s life can receive the coins hidden in the red and white purses, a total of 148 people received the token royal gift. The white purses contained silver pennies of the same value as the current age of the king, while the red purses held a five-guinea silver coin, which was a third. They were hit for Karoli’s 75th birthday this year. The King turns 75 on November 14.

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