An “unidentified floating object” has now been seen in the skies over Saint Petersburg

Since then, St. Petersburg airspace has started to open since Tuesday noon local time. the Russian press He knows that they have already canceled the plan called “Carpet”, which is put into action when unidentified floating objects appear in Russian airspace.

Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg was closed on Tuesday morning: The airport located in the Moscow region of St. Petersburg, 15 kilometers from the city center, has not temporarily launched or received flights.

According to the Szőnyeg Plan, in addition to closing the airspace of the airport with an annual passenger traffic of 20 million, combat aircraft were also alerted.

According to local press reports, the Russian Ministry of Defense informed the Pulkovo Airport management that an unidentified floating object had been discovered approximately 160-200 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Telegram channel 112 reported that the object resembled a large drone.

And the official Russian News Agency has already reported that the airspace of St. Petersburg was closed in a radius of 200 kilometers until 13:20 Moscow time.

The United States has already dealt with floating objects

Suspicious sky sightings have increased in recent weeks. At the beginning of February, a suspicious balloon appeared in the airspace of the United States, which was finally destroyed by the US Air Force on February 4th. The balloon was the size of three school buses, and according to the American position, it was a spy balloon from China.

Then, in the days following the first incident, US fighter jets shot down unidentified floating objects.

Let’s look at individual cases:

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February 4: The US military shot down a balloon off the coast of South Carolina, suspected of being a surveillance device. US officials say the suspected spy balloon may have drifted over the US for several days and may have come from China to monitor sensitive areas.

February 10: The United States shot down another object near northern Alaska, and authorities said the object did not contain any engines or similar structures.

February 11: An American fighter jet shot down a high-altitude aerial object in the Canadian Yukon Territory, about 160 kilometers from the US border. The Americans launched this object on the orders of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It has been described as cylindrical and smaller than the first balloon.

February 12: Another American fighter jet shot down a fourth high-flying object near Lake Huron.

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