An embarrassingly spicy list of 40 British Members of Parliament is circulating

The list does not exist in written form, but according to him, everyone knows that these actors should not be left alone: ​​he has already warned his colleagues to be careful with these actors – Writes Watchman.

“We must be aware of what MPs from different political parties are doing for the sake of our friends who may be visiting Parliament, for the sake of our colleagues and, of course, for the sake of our own safety and professional reputation,” he said.

He personally avoids these actors as much as possible – even if that means trying not to work with them.

He also revealed that there are people in the British Parliament who many people think are kind and well-intentioned, but he had a completely different experience with them.

“Everyone knows the list of people to be avoided in Parliament. When I became an MP they also sat me down and told me who I should not accept drinks from, who I should not be with, and who I should avoid as far as it is possible to be safe.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 5, the MP said she would have had the best job in the world if there weren’t so many online bullies and the atmosphere in Parliament wasn’t so bad.

He added, “We all know who they are, and yet they can stay among us – that’s the culture of impunity.”

He did not reveal the names, but said that they number about forty people,

Two of them were former ministers.

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As he said, he was surprised by the number of people he had to stay away from, and that the list kept growing.

A conservative representative, who asked not to be named, also spoke out about male journalists who should be avoided in parliament.

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