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Mixi Xsmos won the Győr Rally, but Ferenc Vinci is the Hungarian champion

Mixi Xsmos won the Győr Rally, but Ferenc Vinci is the Hungarian champion

Miklós Csomós and Viktor Bán were fastest in 10 of the 11 speed stages of the first organized WHB Győr Rally, winning the race by almost one minute. Ferenc Vinci and Nandor Bertschi finished in second place, and with this result they became the absolute Hungarian champions of the 2023 HUMDA National Rally Championship. The Ádám-Zsolt Vánsza duo from Velencz took the third step on the podium. The three duos started the race with a Skoda Fabia.

Miklos Ksomos and Viktor Pan on the podium on SundaySource: Attila Szabo

The WHB Győr Rally was accompanied by long-term interest as the championship returned to the city after a break of several decades. The pair served the crowd in good numbers, and exciting battles took place on the upper courts too, although the victory of Miklos Ksomos, who is also competing in the European Championships, was not in doubt for a moment. Vincze Ferencs’ team was not looking forward, but backwards, as they had to finish ahead of Frigyesés Turán in order to win the championship.

This time, Ferenc Vinci did not go for victory, but for the championship titleSource: Bence Danek

Unfortunately, technology decided that, due to a faulty router, Turán’s team would lose so much time on the first day that the battle was decided. Although the yellow and black Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 was in excellent condition for the second day, the Turan-Varnadi pair had to settle for fifth place. In front of them, Gabor Nemeth and Gergely Nemeth took fourth place, showing that they have become friendlier with the previously developed Hyundai i20 R5.

Competitors’ declarations for this purpose:

Source: Miklos Ksomos Facebook

Miklos Ksomos (1st place): “The last time we won was in 2021. It’s always good to win in any sport, especially at this level, so we’re very happy about it. It’s great that a lot of people have come, it’s a real pleasure.” Especially to see these fans and kids wearing mexi shirts. I get goosebumps when I see this. The tracks were good, I really liked the speedway downtown, the crowd was big, and we tried to drive in a way that would give them the experience of the scene. It’s a great feeling to see a big city like this accept us and come Everyone from young to old are supporting us. This race also brought experience, as in every race, we learned during the whole weekend. My driving style has also improved, and I am incorporating experience here so that we can go as fast as possible. In the Hungarian Rally, we will compete In front of a home crowd again, and we’re really looking forward to it. We’ve been there before, we know the tracks, so a podium could be a realistic goal there, but at the same time we know that a rally, a puncture, or technology can interfere with Any time, but for sure, “I will prepare to the max and do my best to win there as well, or on the podium so be it.”

Ferenc VinciSource: Bence Danek

Ferenc Vinci (2nd place, Hungarian champion): “It was a great feeling to be champion in 2019 as well, and it’s still great now. It’s a little different now, because we tasted it once before, but you can’t get used to it. That was it.” The goal: At the beginning of the year, we put everything into it. We knew that it was not necessary to win every race, balance is important. Everything went according to our plans, I thank the team for the good car, and my co-driver was also good, and that is what is needed to achieve success. Of course, It was difficult to follow a tactical approach now, because I am a competitor and I want to win. This time Mixy was ahead of us, but getting to the finish line without risk was the most important. We are trying to go faster in Nyiregyhaza, so we can beat the Mixes better without bearing the burden and pressure “On the European field too. I’ve never been to Gyor before, but I’m sure I’ll come back. It’s a beautiful city, and it’s good to win the championship in a new location, on new tracks, with a podium. I’m sure there will be a Gyor Rally in the future as well.” .

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