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AI business leaders: You can’t escape it

AI business leaders: You can’t escape it
Tamas Lucy

Are there any problems?

Victor Durelfer talked about how the main goal is to be able to create value within narrow boundaries in an area where you control what comes out of it.

The use of AI in business also presents challenges, as achieving accuracy can be difficult due to “hallucinations” and failure to follow instructions, and servicing and developing language models is a very expensive task. But the first is not a good term, according to the expert: “A human characteristic that cannot be applied to a machine.” It’s not a bad thing, he said, this is the essence of generative AI, it looks for patterns, learns from the patterns it finds and generates something similar. The only problem may be that company managers often say that it takes longer to verify that the AI ​​is working than it takes to complete the task.

Such hallucinations occur, for example, when he refers to the ancient Greeks based on a printed textual memory, or when he does not understand that if someone died in 2006, he or she is no longer alive. “However, as long as we don’t want him to understand, there is no problem,” confirmed the assistant professor at the University of Strathclyde.

It’s good for a CEO to know these things

A good leader must be able to adapt to rapid technological development. However, it is very difficult to prepare for rapid changes in artificial intelligence, believes Balázs Lóránd, head of the Autonomous Continental Movement in Hungary. According to him, the only way to run a company today is not to know for sure whether what we are doing will be good after a few days, our knowledge is very limited. He said: Artificial intelligence can also be used in decision-making, it just needs to be controlled properly, and flexibility must be integrated into the operation of the organization to ensure growth.

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He stressed, “We must accept what we do not know and apply generative artificial intelligence at least in preparing and supporting management decisions.”

Balazs Lorand

According to Victor Durelfer, machine models should be used as a kind of assistant. This can also be of several types, there are those that prepare well-defined tasks for instructions, but you can also find a system that, like a good assistant, thinks for you and prepares certain work processes. “However, I still believe in the Inquisition of leaders and not its machines,” he said.

Everything is uncertain due to geopolitical regulations and processes – stated Tamas Luce. However, there are many problems with boomer CEOs: they are unable to keep up with the times, and therefore their company cannot keep up with competitors. Regarding employees, he said: He will work to transform human resources so that the hierarchical structure becomes diamond-shaped. This means that there will be as few people in lower positions as there are senior managers, and the number of the middle class will jump instead.

AI also forces employees to “think outside the box,” something that people often find difficult to do otherwise.

According to Balázs-Lorand, on the one hand, there is a need for education, and equipped companies must create such training, and, moreover, “different education is needed at different levels.” In addition, motivation and openness must be achieved. Many things need to be rethought, and employees need to be motivated to use technology. He said: In his company, they hold brainstorming sessions and competitions related to this matter, where, in addition to implementing the ideas of winning employees, they can win prizes and even study competitions.

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Organizational dilemma

Development steps must be done in general, so systems must be modified first of all. Until then, it’s the companies’ job to prepare. The reason for this is simply that the regulation prohibits these functions, and even then they are unnecessary and a workable system cannot be formed. By the way, our country leads the European Union in this regard. Globally, the United States of America, Spain and China lead this sector.

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