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Age of Empires IV is finally playable

Hero Companys Its authors are working on this long-awaited real-time strategic title.

Presented in the summer of 2017 Age of Empires IV It has shown few signs of life in recent years, but its directors have ensured that progress is in full swing and, in fact, this new real-time strategic title is now fully playable. Of course this does not mean that the game will go to stores overnight, it is clear that Entertainment leftovers His team has made great strides in developing one of the most popular series of computer games.

We did well with Age of Empires IV

Shannon Loftis, one of the main directors of Xbox Game Studios, wrote in his Christmas message. “I don’t want you to be envious, but we literally enjoy the game every day, in both Washington and Vancouver.” Development of a real-time strategy game is fun work, but it takes time to create your own systems (AI, economics, simulation, display). , Etc.), and more is needed to work together. But when you succeed, the game is really in your head. ”

Without going into too much detail, Loftis assured the audience that the core of the game was already fully functional, and that the team currently in charge of the Company of Heroes saga was “testing, balancing and refining” the gaming experience. Loftis also dedicated a few words to the challenging health situation that has forced teams to work from home. “Since the entire team works from home, we instituted a trial and error method to make productivity and play easier.”

Loftis also added, “The future of Age of Empires is very bright, and we can expect more content. He likes to talk a lot about the game, but he’s bound to secrecy.”

Age of Empires IV is just now PCExpected at an unknown time, although the developers have not ruled this out Xbox One And the Xbox Objects It can also appear on consoles.

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