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According to the Hungarian Transylvanian Assembly, the failure to join Schengen is an ugly failure of Romanian foreign affairs.

According to the Hungarian Transylvanian Assembly, the failure to join Schengen is an ugly failure of Romanian foreign affairs.

A line of cars at the Hungarian-Romanian border in Csengersima. It’s hard to get in. (Photo: Csaba Lukács/Hungarian Audio)

According to the position taken by the Presidency of the Hungarian Assembly of Transylvania (EMSZ) and published on Saturday, Romania must decide whether it wants to move towards Schengen or Chisinau (Chishinau).

Formed at the beginning of November by the merger of the Transylvanian Hungarian People’s Party (EMNP) and the Hungarian Civic Party (MPP), the party considered the dissatisfaction of the Romanian population with the fact that Austria and the Netherlands objected to the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the federation. Schengen area at the EU Home and Justice Council on Thursday. However, he believed that the Bucharest political elite also bore a great deal of responsibility in this matter.

“If Romania had invested half of its energy in the actual implementation of Western integration, which was much expressed and demanded at the level of political slogans, as it did in the nineteenth century, stemming from the reactions of empire-building and the desire to unite Moldova with Romania, today we have a greater chance that We will be a full member of the Schengen Area ”- stated EMSZ. According to the party, Romania’s unwillingness to abandon its land acquisition policy may have played a decisive role in its refusal to join Schengen. The number of those who put unification on the agenda in the country may have reached unprecedented proportions, and Bucharest is building. Closer than ever with billions in tax taxes taken from the regions inhabited by Hungarians. Relationships with Chisinau.

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The resolution states that “anti-Hungarians have been raised to the level of state policy, the incendiary statements of the Romanian president against our society, and the ongoing and planned attacks on Hungarians in Transylvania also indicate that Romania is not ready to join the Schengen area.”

According to EMSZ, the failure to join Schengen is a serious learning curve and an ugly failure for Romanian foreign affairs, which occurred despite the fact that Romania tried to show itself as a model country and the most reliable ally. According to EMSZ, after that, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, is expected to take responsibility for the failure.

The National Council of Sekeli said in a new statement on Friday that the Romanian authorities had not fulfilled a large part of their promises made before joining the Council of Europe, NATO and the European Union – citing unacceptable objections.

“We emphasize once again: we are interested in Romania’s accession to the Schengen area, but this can only happen if the authorities pay special attention to the country’s hitherto unfulfilled international obligations,” SZNT wrote.

According to the declaration, a timetable must be drawn up with the Hungarian historical churches to return their origins and restore the teaching of the Hungarian Church, as stated in the commitment made by Romania when it joined the Council of Europe. According to the SZNT, the initiation of dialogue with Székelyföld municipalities can also be assessed as a gesture of goodwill, Council of Europe 1201/1993. From Section 11 of Recommendation No. 1, which reads: “In those provinces in which persons belonging to a national minority constitute the majority, such persons shall have the right to contact local or independent administrative bodies appropriate to their specific historical and regional situation and in accordance with the national legislation of the State, or having status private “. SZNT believed that these steps should be taken even if they are not directly included in the terms of accession to Schengen, as they refer to the good faith fulfillment of contracts signed by Romania.

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