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According to Brussels, the lifting of restrictions needs coordination

According to Brussels, the lifting of restrictions needs coordination

In its message, the Brussels Committee stressed that despite the necessity of continuing disease control measures until appropriate vaccination is achieved, conditions must be created for a safe and permanent reopening within the Union so that economic and social life can be resumed as soon as possible.

According to the European Commission’s proposal, preparations for lifting measures should include the introduction of a digital vaccine for vaccination, testing and recovery, also known as the European Union’s Green Card, and the development and implementation of a common framework for emergency response. It should also include guidance on testing strategies, such as effluent testing to monitor virus variants, and investment in the development and production of diagnostic and treatment devices.

The letter also highlighted measures to improve coronavirus resistance worldwide through the development of the COVAX program to support global vaccine supplies and the European Union’s Vaccine Sharing Mechanism.

The European Union Committee also stated that it provides support to the tourism and cultural sector to prepare for a safe reopening and said that part of that is that it will promote cultural heritage sites and cultural routes in the European Union, as well as cultural events and festivals, through a campaign on social media.

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