According to Ákos Bánhidi, Jászápáti Petra and both teams have a chance to win a medal

Both the men’s and women’s teams have a chance at a medal – team leader Ákos Bánhidi was evaluated after the World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships in Seoul that ended on Sunday.

For the first time since 2014, the Hungarians have been left without a medal, and since then they have had at least one podium finish in seven World Cups in a row. This time, the best performance goes to the women’s relay consisting of Sara Luka Bacsky, Petra Gaszabate, Zofia Konya and Rebecca Zelicze-Nim, who was unable to reach the finals due to a fall and placed fifth as team manager. Pointed, which is inherent in this sport.

When contacted by the current channel M1, Panhide said: Although he did not succeed in winning a medal, he is not sad, because the World Cup “The strongest countries always pull themselves back”.

“Our teams enjoy a lot of winning medals, and we will continue to work on that reason to get the most out of it.” Look forward. He explained: The situation is more stable for women who won medals in three of the last six world competitions, After the Olympics, they suffered fewer losses..

“The boys line is cut, trimmed properly, five Olympians are no longer among our ranks, and I can safely say – they touched the world class stars.” pointed out. He added that in the men’s category, building is taking place with young people who have not heard much yet, so the performance in the final B and seventh place was encouraging for the quartet consisting of Peter Yaszabti, Attila Tallapos and Daniel Tiburts. and Alex Farnich.

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In her personal opinion, Petra Gaspatti, who is skating with a hand brace this time due to an injury before the World Cup, can reach the World Cup. “for the most dangerous scenes”This is now He stopped in the quarter-finals twice..

“He’s the skater on our team who could even win a medal in a world competition” highlighted.

This was the first World Cup since Olympic champion Liu left the Hungarian national team and they will continue their run in China.

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