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A YouTuber builds an animatronic Star Wars AT-AT robot |  Sciences

A YouTuber builds an animatronic Star Wars AT-AT robot | Sciences

Most Star Wars fans are probably already taking out their bank cards to buy this 3D-printed AT-AT robot, which actually works like the version seen in the movie, on its own, but was built by mechanical engineer James Burton.

Spaceships and various machines known from Star Wars are the defining elements of the franchise, from which many kinds of toys have been made over the years for kids and adults alike. Many toys have been made of the AT-AT (armored all-terrain combat vehicle), but none of them were able to move independently, their large body and long legs making them very unbalanced.

This is where James Burton comes into the picture, who uses his knowledge of mechanical engineering as a tool He made a robot out of various 3D printed parts, thanks to which the AT-AT robot can walk independently and is very dexterous. Each leg of the robot is driven by three servo motors, and the Arduino Mega 2560 board handles the commands. According to the creator, this could be made into a larger version, with real shield to be deployed.

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