Észbontó hamis Ferrari kerül kalapács alá

A mind-boggling fake Ferrari gets hit

Jan Alessi, do you have Evan Capelli? Their car, the 1992 Ferrari? Although the well-reliable F92A has only won twice on the podium during the season (third place in both the Spanish and Canadian Grand Prixes), there is no denying that it was a beautiful car.

So much so that at the time, there was an Italian fan of Ferrari and Alizi who thought he was making one for himself.

The original car on the track with Alesi at the wheel (Source: Getty Images)

We’ve already seen quite a few awful F1 models – for some reason they like to paint it Ferrari Red – but in this case, there’s no doubt about it, Gianni Pascal has put together an impressively loyal and practical race car.

The Italian man has been working on the red beauty for four years since 1992, with the help of some Maranello acquaintances who met during a holiday and from whom they are real spare parts for the end of the season, including the first season, which is very difficult at home. He also managed to get hind wings.

Eye-catching fake Ferrari blows up 2

The wings are real Maranello products (Source: Car Assembly)

The kamu-Ferrarira Pascal was built on a steel tubular frame, a functional suspension was installed, the rims were custom-made, the drive was resolved by a 2.0-liter Alfa Romeo engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Not quite the original 3.5-liter V12, but at least Italian, plus it’s much cheaper to maintain.

The man took the completed replica to several shows at the time, but soon fell ill, and the homemade F92A ended up in a hangar where it stood until it was discovered last year.

The F1 camouflage car, which has been small since then and has been auctioned off, will be auctioned tonight at the Collecting Cars auction site.

Eye-catching fake Ferrari blows up 3

Even a trace of Monza was affixed to the cockpit – even the real cabin! (source: car assembly)

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