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7 showy, hardy plants you can plant seeds now

7 showy, hardy plants you can plant seeds now

It's not too late to sow seeds if you want to enjoy colorful plants on your balcony or in your garden during the summer months.

In addition to planting pre-grown flower seedlings, you should also consider sowing seeds if you want your balcony or garden to be covered in colorful flower decorations. In the gallery below we show plants that can be grown from seeds, but at the same time they are not particularly delicate and will drop flowers for several months in the summer.

California cuckoo

The orange flowers of the California cuckoo brighten your garden, but they're also attractive in a flower box. It is very easy to grow and bees love it. It blooms from June to August. (Photo: Getty Images)


Watercress is not only a showy plant but a useful plant as well. Bees love it, and if you plant it in the vegetable garden, it attracts butterflies from cabbage, and aphids from beans. It is open from June to September. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fragrant vetch

In addition to its charming flowers, fragrant vetch is also worth growing for its scent. You can grow it in a pot, in the ground, or even on a trellis. It blooms from June to October. (Photo: Getty Images)

Morning glory

Morning glory is not at all finicky, but is a more interesting creeper, which develops quickly and can be perfect for any balcony or fence. It blooms in July and August. (Photo: Getty Images)


The blue and white flowers and leaves of Burzascata are showy. Pollinating insects are really fond of it. It is open from July to September. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Butterfly flower

Pink, white, purple or even orange butterfly flowers can be a wonderful splash of color in the garden and pollinators love them, too. The flowers fall from July to October. (Photo: Getty Images)


Cornflower, commonly known as meadowflower, also looks good in gardens. In addition to the blue version, there are also white, pink and red variants. They are a great source of food for bees and other pollinators, and provide food for birds in the fall (Photo: Getty Images).


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