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46-year-old Effie Saari without makeup and painting: the two photos are completely different – the local star

46-year-old Effie Saari without makeup and painting: the two photos are completely different – the local star

Not only do actors transform themselves mentally before performing, it is also important that they become one with the character externally: in theatre, this is expressed in make-up, hairstyle and costumes – there can be a huge difference between a theatrical appearance. And the civil.

A valid year He showed it off on his Instagram page, hiding like a chameleon in the skin of one of the characters he plays.

Sari Evi without makeup

The 46-year-old actress and singer posted two cropped photos: on the left, she's natural and undyed, and on the right, in stage makeup and a wig.

The recording took place in the dressing room of the Madách Theater before the performance of “Pretty Woman”. The piece was written by What a Woman! Based on the film, it was released on Broadway in 2018 and presented in Hungary in 2023 under the direction of Tamas Szerts.

Effie Sari plays the main character, Vivian's best friend, Kate De Luca, alternating with Timea Kekskes and Jeong Molnar. The role comes with a sexy outfit, stunning, vibrant makeup, and a blonde wig, so it's no wonder the difference between her natural look and her stage look is so stark.

Nora Ordog without makeup: Never before have so many people written to her that she is ugly

Nora Ordog revealed that many people have never written to her that she is ugly without makeup, as happened in the past week and a half.

I will read it

be free! -Dare to go against the tide!

April is a guest of Femina Club Locksmith Mark The designer and media personality will be with him Nora Szeli, the host of the evening, among other things, talks about the desire for self-acceptance. How do we face our limitations? How can we address the obstacles that arise in our lives? Why is it harmful if we always focus on making everyone like us? How do we make peace with our flaws?

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You can read the fine print about the evening here:

Tickets are only available onlinein limited quantities.

date: April 22, 2024, 6 p.m

location: Thalia Theater


Cover image: Profimedia/Attila Trinca

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