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11 great place in the eleventh. neighborhood street

11 great place in the eleventh.  neighborhood street

In a part of Újbuda known and loved by many, in Bartók Béla t, we are now doing a small stomach tour: we recommend 11 places on the 11th. From the cultural heart of the region, where you can sample a slice of the Bartok district.

Breakfast: Bartok Bakery

The pioneer of sourdough bakeries, the unit Pekműhely Béla Bartók út, can claim continued popularity to this day. You can recognize the convenience store from afar, as guests give each other their doorknob in winter and summer, cold and hot. After the rush before and after work, you will not have to wait long for your favorite nut, cocoa snails, curds or soft croissants, which you can enjoy with coffee even at tables or sitting on benches on Bartók Béla út.

1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 15/b | website | Facebook

Photo: Pekműhely Bartók Facebook page

Café: Kelet Café and Gallery

It is an unmissable place in Bartók Béla t, which is why Kelet Café and Gallery, also close to our hearts, cannot be excluded from our recommendation. The name of the East has already merged with coffee, which is equally good to visit in the morning, noon and evening. In the mills, high-quality coffee is replaced regularly, and hot or iced coffee drinks made from it cover a wide range. If you want some peace and a coffee between a couple of meetings or a class, maybe you should sit with your friends in a cozy place in Bartók Bélaút, you won’t be disappointed in the East.

1114 Budapest, Bartók Bela ut 29. | website | Facebook

Photo: Kelet Café and Gallery’s Facebook page

Cookie: PupiCake

PupiCake is undoubtedly one of the most loved places in Bartók Béla út. Sitting on the terrace of dessert heaven or behind its huge glass windows, you can easily savor the atmosphere of Bartók Béla with a cake. In the range of cakes and pies, which change from day to day, free and vegan desserts are also made every day, including biscuits and biscuits. Their secret ingredient is that their cakes are made with heart and soul, so anyone who has tasted them at least once won’t want for anything else.

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1114 Budapest, Bartók Bela ut 25. | website | Facebook

Photo: PupiCake’s Facebook page

Relax: Ultramarine Martinez

Ultramarinos Martinez is definitely one of the newer Spanish restaurants and grocery stores in Bartók Béla út. Ultramarinos made its way into the hearts of the locals so quickly that sometimes we don’t understand how we managed to live without it. Friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere go hand in hand here: after a long day or with a group of friends, you can relax a bit with excellent Spanish tapas and drinks. The atmosphere is only enhanced by Spanish phrases here and there, as well as original music.

1111 Budapest, Bartók Bela ut 16. | Facebook

Photo: Ultramarinos Martinez Facebook page

Beer: KEG Brewery

Under the chestnut trees of Orlay út that opens from Bartók Béla út, KEG Sörművház, one of the most famous street beer heavens, is hidden. In addition to the ever-changing high-quality craft beers, don’t forget KEG’s excellent cuisine. They serve seasonal appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and incomparable burgers alongside their current selection of 32 beers on tap. If you’re not near KEG at dinner time, you can indulge in their heavenly multi-course brunch menu on the cozy terrace.

1114 Budapest, Orlay u. 1. | website | Facebook

Photo: KEG Sörművház’s Facebook page

Wine: Ménes Wine Bar

Don’t let the name Minnesi Borbar fool anyone for a moment, of course we’re still in Bartok Bella, just an arm’s length away. Serving everything from light, subtle local white wines to full-bodied reds, the wine bar serves the best of Hungary by the glass. Not only Bartók Béla t, but also Ménesi Wine Bar is an unforgettable place for Hungarian wine lovers, where you can drown out excellent wines with famous Menesi burgers and legendary Menesi vats.

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1118 Budapest, Menesi ut 1. | website | Facebook


Dolce argues: Allegro

The versatility of Bartók Béla út is indisputable, and Allegro, which serves dolce vita in small bites, illustrates this well. Mediterranean food and a sense of life, as well as high-quality gastronomy, are the motto of Allegro, where the goal is one thing: to captivate the hearts of guests with food day after day. The restaurant offering pays special attention to guests with food sensitivities, so Allegro is at least as excellent a choice for family or friend gatherings as it is for a solo culinary adventure.

1114 Budapest, Bartók Bela ut 23. | website | Facebook

Photo: Facebook Allegro page

Celebrate: Hadik & Szatyor Bar

Another unmissable Bartók Béla gem is the Friend, which once had its heyday in 1910. Szatyor Bar is not only the origin of literary and cultural programs and events, but also a culinary haven on Béla Bartók Street. It is the perfect destination for everyday and festive moments, lunch, dinner, undisturbed coffee and even evening drinks.

1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 36. | website | Facebook


Ice Cream: Stone ice cream? in Bartok

There is no doubt that the Kő ice cream at Bartók Béla úti is a simple salvation in the heat? Its counter opens to the street filled with creamy ice cream. As in the case of Pekműhely, here too you can recognize Kő ice cream from afar from the snake line? Your business, but it’s worth every minute and patience to wait in line and order frozen dumplings. The offer is constantly changing, but the quality is uninterrupted: every time it is a pleasure to continue our Bartos walk with a scoop of real fruit in our hands.

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1114 Budapest, Bartók Bela ut 35. | Facebook

Photo: KőFagyi? Bartokon Facebook page

Try: Caphe by Hai Nam

We know a thousand and one reasons why you should visit Bartok Bella Ait, and Caphe by Hai Nam is one of them. Is Stone Ice Cream? There is only one Vietnamese café in the Capital District in the entire capital, and it is here, in the arms of Bartok. In addition to specialty coffees, there are also opportunities to sample slow-brewed Vietnamese coffee. And while you’re here, don’t leave without tasting the Banh Mi sandwich and Hanoi’s favorite street delicacy, salty and crunchy rice flour noodle dumplings!

1114 Budapest, Bartók Bela ut 35. | Facebook

Photo: Caphe’s Facebook page by Hai Nam

Lunch: MITZI – coffee, kitchen, bar

At the start of Bartók Béla út, near the hustle and bustle of Szent Gellért Square, not-so-small Hotel Mitzi serves up great food, drinks and breakfast dishes on weekends. During the day, visitors are spoiled with Mitzi bowls, soups, salads, extra full-bodied strabasca, and homemade pasta, while in the evening, eye-catching drinks take center stage. On weekends, however, the main characters of brunch, burritos, stuffed cakes and omelettes are served on the tables, accompanied by a mitziato, that is, a cappuccino made with rose and cinnamon.

1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 1. | Facebook

Meet the legendary inhabitants of Bartok Bella:

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