Ricky’s people fear the collapse of the new mine

A sea of ​​slime, destroyed roads, monster trucks, machinery noises, explosions. All this is not surprising for an open pit mine, but the new quarry at Andezit Bau Kft. It is located a stone’s throw from the center of Recsk, in the immediate vicinity of the houses on the edge of the village. In addition, a huge 80-meter earth rampart appeared above the houses, in which the excavated earth was stored in the mine. Recski residents fear that if the fence gets wet after a heavy rain, it could cause a big problem.

Each miner creates a warehouse wherever he wants, within the area of ​​the mine – this is how the foreman of the Recski mine explained the construction of the structure over the village to Blikk, who forbade entry to the working area. According to the chief engineer, the fear is unfounded.

Recsk labor camp has been closed for 60 years

Recsk labor camp has been closed for 60 years

– Recsk mining village, seven mines used to work here, – a retired local quarry worker explained to our newspaper.

It was an old co-op mine, and it was last mined here forty years ago. The quarry stopped precisely because it was close to the village.

Attila Radix lives near a quarry, and is afraid the rain will wash away the wall / Photo: Peter Zsolnay

The houses of Ildikó Váradi and Attila Radics are the closest to the quarry. As they say, the peace of the people who live on the street has been lost since the mine has been operating for a few months. At four in the morning the trucks were already coming, the scuffles began, and the whistling of dangerous machinery could be heard even at the far end of the village.

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That would be enough, but the mountain over our houses is already cracking from the mine, I can tell you, we’re scared! Attila Radix refers to a steep hillside.

It rained so much yesterday that our stream also wanted to get out of his bed. The reservoir above our heads receives the same amount of water, and I don’t know how long the bare earthen rampart can last, and there are no bushes or trees on it to stop it. There is no need to say what will be left of our street if soil storage starts to run low.

No one is allowed to enter the mine area, and guards monitor the area with drones. Photo: Peter Tsolnai

No one is allowed to enter the mine area, and guards monitor the area with drones / Photo: Peter Zsolnay

According to Zulte Imre Vas, who also lives in the city of Risken, in addition to the danger, the problem is that the village did not know about the mine in time, and they were put on hold. When the mayor, using his individual decision-making due to the epidemic, agreed to operate the mine with a permit and impact assessment, there was no meeting in the village due to the epidemic. There was a forum a few weeks ago, there were a lot of people, but the mine can no longer be vetoed.

Man has lived here for generations with the mine, but not in the way he is at the bottom of his garden or right over his head. scandal! Even if it is legal. No one wants to live in fear, noise, rock dust, next to ruined roads. Anyone can say anything, it’s terrifying that we live under this giant earthen rampart that wasn’t here yesterday. We encounter complaints from residents here every day and the fear is justified. In addition, there is a lot of secrecy, we tried to go in and take a closer look, they are watching with drones, the company’s security guards came right away, we couldn’t find anything.

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According to Ildico Vardi, the entire population of Hunyadi Street, numbering 50 houses, is terrified that the mountain will fall on them.  Photography: Peter Tsolnay

According to Ildiko Varadi, all 50 residents of Hunyadi Street are terrified that the mountain will fall on them / Photo: Peter Tsolnay

Andezit Bau Kft. Really all mining permits. Reiki stone may be needed for government orders and railroad construction. The owner could not be reached, and no one from the company wanted to comment. A few weeks ago, a leader reassured the Riski population in a public forum that they did not need to worry, and that they were safe, but he did not convince the majority of the population.

According to the mayor, Rexek would be close to bankruptcy without the money from the mine. Image: Peter Zsolnay

According to Mayor Sándor Nagy, Recsk would be on the verge of bankruptcy without the mine’s tax revenues / Photo: Peter Zsolnay

The income from the new mine is twice what we have managed so far, in the order of a hundred million, which is a huge amount in the life of a village of 2,700 enthusiasts.

Sandor Nagy, the mayor of Rexek, told Blake.

After the epidemic, I had to pass all the decisions I made during the epidemic to the representative body and the village. Seven people came there, only after the appearance of the machines did the citizens start working in the mine. The mine is really close to the village, but according to the expert opinions that were given to me, Recsk is not in danger. The noise of machinery and traffic can indeed be annoying, but without money from the mine, for example, we wouldn’t be able to run our own kindergarten.

This did not reassure the people of Hunyadi Street, they wake up every day to the noise, fall asleep to the noise, and the mountain cracks behind their gates, and they do not feel safe. But it is worth more than any money.

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