Zoltán Berényi has started the conversion process of the announced hemp spinning mill

Zoltán Berényi has started the conversion process of the announced hemp spinning mill

– In October 2021, I personally handed over to the mayor the development plan that I had already sent to a deputy mayor electronically much earlier and which can now be retrieved from the desk drawer, said Zoltan Perini, individual representative for Vasas, Hird and Somogy. s Pécs’ carve-out coalition administration recently held a public forum on what the ÖPE-KDNP politician had put on the table much earlier.

The document, which was prepared with the participation of experts and local residents, outlined several development goals in the Eastern Province, as well as properties to be developed that are awaiting redevelopment. Among them was the planned redesign of a previous hemp spinning property, which was presented as a priority.

– We have explored in detail how an abandoned building that has been nearly empty for two decades can be used. After the renovation, he said, two hundred square meters of community space would be available, and on the upper floor, various rooms and halls could be created for offices and local NGOs.

The document states that the event will include the creation of office space for rent in the community and civic center, a community office, and a small former cannabis spinning incubator. There will also be space for a shop selling local produce, and folk craft workshops, such as a hemp spinning workshop, can also be set up. In addition, the office for the outsourcing of administrative and other services (such as the family support service, the Chamber of Agriculture, the rural development office) can be located here. A station will be established for cyclists.

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Perini, who also noted that while Peter, MP for the district, Hoppál was re-elected, the mayor had not requested it, and that the politician should put pressure on the government on the matter as well.

He tamed the deputies and was threatened by others

Attila Petrvi, who took over the presidency of the Pécs with reactionary socialist winds, called on right-wing deputies before the elections, but his chief lawyer, Imre Bodnár, a lawyer who conducted “shows” as a political tool, also threatened those who dared vote for Fides.

It is also clear to those who follow the public assemblies that the mayor also has a personal disapproval of Perini, which he does not hide. Perini repeatedly questioned the first man in the city for his somewhat unfriendly appearance, because as mayor he had to work not for the benefit of an actor, but for the sake of the townspeople.

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