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Zoltán Bereczki and his partner lost their jobs at the same time

As mentioned, Zoltán Bereczki Life TV since April 1 Wake up with us! He is one of the hosts of his show. 44-year-old actor A. Best magazine In a given interview, he revealed that this request came to him at the last minute.

Zoltán Bereczki’s career is no longer his first – Photo: / TV2 /

I actually felt the untied energies a lot. I thought I couldn’t write a lot of songs anymore, a lot of hiking, a lot in the park, a lot of cooking and that was enough. My daughter is also becoming a teenager very slowly, and she doesn’t want to go home either. ” – Zoltán Bereczki revealed who had also benefited financially from his point of view With his pregnant partner Eva Bata He was unemployed at the same time.

We’ve been sitting in the house for over a year. I have a daughter who is 13 years old and my girlfriend is pregnant. Plus, my partner was left out of work last spring, just like me. But we consumed electricity the same way, we had to eat the same way. In a few months’ time, I was going to be in really bad shape as well. From this point of view, it is also important that I have just found a great job that I am getting paid for. I feel a responsibility to be the father of the family, and to support those I love. I need to know that when the job is done, what I get and what I can buy from those I am responsible forHe said.

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