You've never seen such a car before!  The Dutch fan bus has arrived

You’ve never seen such a car before! The Dutch fan bus has arrived

The famous Dutch national football team’s fan bus has arrived in Budapest. De Oranjebus is a fan van made of a classic double-decker bus with beer counter and speakers, which has accompanied the Dutch national team in larger competitions since the early 2000s.

The Veteran has been transformed from an original English double-decker bus to the tastes of Dutch fans, so in addition to high-performance speakers, the beer faucet will help mobile printers create the party atmosphere. “After Amsterdam, this is the first place we will visit at this year’s European Championships. We were really hoping to get to Budapest, I love this city, one of my favorite cities in EuropeHe said to me Henk van Beek, who is the president of the Aurangivan Fan Association, is also a resident disc jockey at the party. “Our bus is 31 years old, so of course we take great care of it and make sure we don’t drive too much with it one day.” A de Orangepus I arrived from Hungary in three daysOn Sunday afternoon, he drove the Dutch drivers from the fan zone in the city park to Puskas Square, where the national team will face the Czech Republic. However, the Dutch prepared for the big game long before the match. They started at 11 am with a fierce party in the city park fan zone, where they were different Dutch music producers, DJs and performers have received over 8000 printers.

The Dutch partying in a city park take their supporters very seriously Image: Metropole

In the event that the Dutch national team defeats the Czech Republic, de Orangebos will go to Baku, and if he reaches the finals, his destination will be at Wembley Stadium in London.

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