XCloud has completely switched over to the Xbox Series X.

You can get a family package with Xbox Game Pass

The plan can support five users per subscriber group.

in the days PlayStation game rental service After the move was announced, there was news of a move in the home of Xbox Game Pass, Windows Central Microsoft has stated that Microsoft will be available in a family package for the foreseeable future.

Image is for illustration purposes onlySource: Microsoft

According to the report, the family package will allow game tenants to use the game through a total of five Microsoft user accounts, and the person who pays the monthly fee will be able to grant access to the service to four additional users. It’s not yet clear if the only more comprehensive and more expensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available in the Family Edition, or the cheaper PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass editions.

Compared to account sharing which is not tolerated under contract terms, but is not unusual in practice, the biggest advantage of the Family Pack is that each player’s data remains separate. For this reason, everyone can play in their own name in online multiplayer modes, they will not overwrite the saved game results for each other via cloud data synchronization, and of course there will be no litigation about unlocking achievements.

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