You can also see the MÁV logo in the big preview of Sci-Fi Crazy Robots from Netflix

You can also see the MÁV logo in the big preview of Sci-Fi Crazy Robots from Netflix

Budapest appears to be returning from different screens several times this year: It was already known that the Black Widow, who is scheduled to arrive on May 6, finally reveals what Natasha Romanov and Soliomchaim had to do in the Hungarian capital, Oscar Isaac as they revealed last year that they They will be returning to us with the Dune staff in 2020 for some subsequent sessions. But even before the above, before January 15, we get Deadly Battlefield, the MCU Falcon Championship, that is, the Anthony Mackie – and the MعارV logo! (If you don’t feel like sitting in a two-and-a-half-minute preview, scroll down to find a picture of the ill-fated moment.)

According to an official brief belonging to a hobbyist who dropped out a day before, after refusing to lead his superiors, an embarrassed drone pilot (Damson Idris) is led to a lethal military zone where he must serve alongside an Android officer (Anthony Mackie). Their mission is to find a device to cause a global catastrophe before the rebels take it away. The broadcast provider put in the chair of director Michael Hafstrom, who so far has “proven” titles like Supercell 2013 or 2011’s Rite A.

Behind Deadly Battlefield is the same studio that we owe to The Immortal Guard and Tyler Rake: The Evacuation, and based on what we’ve seen so far, the formula (an outsider interferes in the protagonist’s affairs that seems indestructible; whether it’s good or not, It’s up to everyone.

MÁV logo already mentioned in the preview

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