Xbox is celebrating its anniversary in an unusual but culturally smart way! [VIDEO]

It seems strange to us at first what Microsoft does, but if we take a closer look at what Redmond has put together, we can talk about a very clever solution.

The Xbox now has an official contract after celebrating its 20th anniversary in Scotland. Tartan is a Scottish style in Hungarian, and this design was done by Microsoft in collaboration with Gordon Nilson Kiltmakers (GNK). GNK had previously established a style for the Scottish national football team, Celtic FC and The Rangers FC, making it difficult for Redmond to celebrate the anniversary. Lochcarron was in charge of the sewing anyway: Scotland’s oldest weaving mill is located on the Scottish border at Selkirk.

Graeme Boyd, Director of Social Media Marketing for EMEA, Xbox, added: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate Xbox Anniversaries in an authentic and fun Scottish way in Scotland. It’s great to be able to work with innovators with a great Scottish tradition like Gordon Nicholson while giving something exceptional to fans of the games.”

Connecting a console to an Xbox Series console is an exclusive dynamic wallpaper, and Microsoft celebrated the Xbox’s 20th anniversary by releasing a limited edition, transparent console. Additionally, they put the 20th Anniversary logo on the Xbox Series “delight”.

source: VGC

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