The average age of US Senators is 65. This issue again raised the question in America of whether it is justified to set an upper age limit for holding certain political office.

For the second time in just over a month, the Republican leader in the US Senate froze while giving a speech. He writes the BBC.

Reporters asked Mitch McConnell, 81, in Covington, Kentucky, if he planned to run for re-election in 2026, when the politician apparently lost a thread and didn’t speak for 30 seconds.

His assistants tried in vain to encourage him to answer, but it took several seconds for him to regain his composure. Then he answered two other questions that were repeated to him by his colleagues, but he did not comment on his health condition.

After the incident, McConnell’s spokesman said the Republican politician “got temporarily dizzy and took a break during his news conference today.”

As the BBC recalled, McConnell froze in a similar way at the end of July, when he was giving a press conference at the Capitol in Washington. He was right there in the middle of what he was saying. After a 20-second break, Republican senators pulled McConnell out of the camera line.

McConnell, who leads the narrow Republican minority in Congress’ upper house, was previously hospitalized for a week after sustaining a concussion and broken ribs in a fall outside a Washington-area hotel in March.

He was taken to a rehabilitation facility and did not return to the Senate until mid-April.


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