Vietnam shopping for aircraft from Hungary's new aircraft factory

Vietnam shopping for aircraft from Hungary’s new aircraft factory

Jet aircraft are manufactured for military purposes at the request of the Far Eastern Ministry of Defense. The contract also covers training of pilots, instructors, ground service personnel, mechanics, parts production, logistical support, and airport systems construction.

MTI’s announcement does not cover this, but it is likely that these are the L-39NG jet trainer machines. It looks like this:

According to the company, the order was won because their aircraft could be operated reliably and cheaply according to the customer’s needs. They added that Aero Vodochudi has been a partner of Vietnam for decades, having flown planes there since the 1970s.

The Czech aircraft factory, founded in 1919, is now the property of Aero Investment Partners Zrt that was set up last year. 51% of the Budapest-based company is owned by András Tombor and 49% is the Czech AERO International sro. Aero Vodochody’s business report from last year and the previous year hasn’t been published yet, and order value hasn’t been announced on Tuesday, MTI was told. The aircraft will be manufactured for Vietnam by 2024.

The cover photo shows the L-39NG predecessor, the L-39. Photo: Getty Images

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