Women's World Cup: exciting record, Dutch and Canadian lead

Women’s World Cup: exciting record, Dutch and Canadian lead

After France, Germany, Italy and England, European champions the Netherlands and Canada finished 16th in the Women’s World Cup. The European team defeated Cameroon (3-1), North America and New Zealand (2-0) in the second round of Group E.

Vivienne Miedema shattered the peak of the national team’s goals before reaching the age of 23 (Photo: AFP)

The Dutch were able to feel almost at home at Hainaut Stadium in Valenciennes, with the vast majority of the 22,423 fans attending the match covered the stands in orange. The European champion did not disappoint his payers either, collecting three more points, although the Cameroonians did not offer their skins cheaply.

Arsenal striker double on the Dutch, Vivienne Miedema, Who scored 60 goals for the national team, he surpassed Dutch goalkeeper Manon Meles (59) a month before reaching the age of 23.

With the Netherlands victory, he earned his place in the top sixteen – reaching the straight-down stage on his World Cup debut in 2015 as well.

the summary of the match

Reached the eighth final Canada Who played with a great advantage (70:30 percent possession, 22-2 goal shot), and was defeated 2-0 in New Zealand. For the first time in 12 years, the Canadians scored more than one goal in a World Cup match, and in 2007 they drew 2-2 with Australia.

Women’s World Championship, France
Group circle, second round
Electronic group
Netherlands-Cameroon 3-1
(Miedema 41., 85., Bloodworth 48., Ongen’s disease 43.)
Canada and New Zealand 2-0 (Fleming 48., Prince 79.)

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Electronic group case
1. The Netherlands 2 2 4-1 +3 6
2. Canada 2
3–0 +3 6
3. New Zealand 2 2 0-3 –3
4. Cameroon 2 2 1-4 –3

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