With tough steps, China has managed to rein in the delta shape

On July 20, it was reported that a port loader worker from eastern Nanjing province contracted a locally transmitted coronavirus infection due to the highly contagious delta variant. To that end, the zero-tolerance (zero-case) Chinese epidemic has closed the entire port, isolated tens of millions of people, and conducted rigorous communication research to quell the worst outbreak since the original epidemic last spring.

After the Nanjing incident, a total of 1,200 virus infections were found in recent weeks in nearly half of the 31 provinces in the vast country, and there were two weeks of reports of more than 100 new (locally transmitted) virus infections per day. by the authorities. Now, however, that number of cases has dropped to zero

According to the official report, they were able to suppress the flare of the coronavirus caused by the delta variant with relentless steps.

At the same time, 21 cases were imported, that is, imported from abroad, but since these cases are subject to strict quarantine, it is not expected that they will become new locally infected later.

The harsh Chinese epidemic measures, of course, are successful in putting out the fires, but at the same time they (also) cause serious economic damage, and there are signs that Australia and New Zealand, which do not tolerate anything, are beginning to rethink. Where this strategy is headed, especially there. For Australians, the growing social outcry.


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