Winter Olympics: Canadian Hockey Bronze in the Rain Goal Match

Winter Olympics: Canadian Hockey Bronze in the Rain Goal Match

Canada finished third in the men’s hockey tournament by defeating the Czech Republic 6-4 in the bronze-medal match.

Defending champion Canada took third place (Photo: AFP)


The teams fought an astonishing 31 seconds, during which time the spectators were able to see a total of three goals in the first third:

08:58: Andrew Ebbitt 0-1
09:13: Martin Rosica 1–1
09:28: Chris Kelly 1-2

So Canada suddenly led 2-1 after 0-0 and then scored again with Derek Roy, to make it 3-1 in the first half.

In the second third, the spectators could not see a single target, but in the third, the ice was “rising” again. Ebbett also scored his second goal, but a blow at 45:50 was followed by another 46 seconds later (Jan Kovar). However, after three minutes, Chris Kelly also doubled down, so the battle seemed to be decided by a 5–2 draw.

However, the target has not stopped producing for the past ten minutes. Voitk Volski and Roman Cervinka also entered, and two minutes before the end it was 6-4 with another goal from Cervinka. The Czechs shot down their goalkeeper but to no avail, and Canada won a match of ten goals.

The final match – between the Russian national team and Germany – will take place on Sunday morning from 5.10 am Hungarian time.

Winter Olympics, Pyeongjang
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Bronze match
Czech Republic-Canada 4-6
(1–3, 0–0, 3–3)

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