Will Smith is also joining Fortnite as the hero of his favorite movie

Will Smith is also joining Fortnite as the hero of his favorite movie

Fortnite is truly more than just a video game, as it is not only suitable for battle royale or co-op building fun, but also includes regular movie screenings, and even a recent concert. The successful Epic Games has also been expanded with a number of movie characters, with Ryan Reynolds recently entering his Fortnite champ in connection with Free Guya. Recently, players can receive Will Smith in the form of the hero he met in Bady Boys.

Epic Games One In a blog post She mentioned that Will Smith’s character from the Buddy Boys series pays tribute to Fortnite. It’s by name Mike Lowery, who we saw in Michael Bay’s first movie, Bad Boys – What are the Bad Guys Good for? In 2020, Bady Boys – Forever, divided Estonia into villains, and drove. Those interested can get Will Smith’s hero the usual way, in the Item Shop, in the form of a Mike Lowery costume. Character and outside disciplines are Duffle Back Bling and Straight Cannon Cutter, which is the equivalent of double hand picking.

Fortnite has been delighting players on almost every platform that has existed since 2017. Not so long ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was remembered in the game by Epic Games, causing many to frown because the black and smelly TPS American activist world didn’t fit in well, from The good thing is that you have entered a multiplayer game as a non-playable character. And the latest leaks were about when Fortnite will get version 5 of the promised Unreal Engine.

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