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Will Democrats run Obama’s wife?

Will Democrats run Obama’s wife?

According to some reports, in the background, the Democratic Party has already begun to soften the former first lady. If Barack Obama’s wife ends up on the brink, Republicans will have something to worry about – reports.

According to many, Michelle Obama’s inauguration will prove that the former Democratic president never stopped exercising power behind the scenes. However, based on public opinion polls, the Democratic Party must urgently offer some alternatives to the unpopular Biden-Harris pair if they want to kick the ball in the presidential campaign.

The US Democratic Party urges the former First Lady to enter the ring in the struggle for the presidency of the United States – Back In the English-language press at the end of August based on unnamed sources.

Although Michelle Obama has never once confirmed her presidential ambitions – on the contrary, she has always denied that she has political ambitions – there are many arguments in favor of her standing behind the Democratic Party in the 2024 election campaign. It is no coincidence that since the spring In 2022 there is speculation, analysis and opinion articles in this regard.

It is also difficult to attribute the fact that Michelle Obama’s second book was published at the beginning of the 24 campaign to coincidence.

Former US President Donald Trump’s advantage is growing: he already has a 10 percentage point lead over Joe Biden. While Trump’s popularity among Americans increases, the current president’s support is waning due to the huge amount of aid provided to Ukraine and the country’s economic situation. By the way, more and more Americans object to the age of Biden who is ready to run for president again, according to a joint poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News. Joe Biden’s job approval rate is 39 percent, which is close to the 38 percent that was measured last summer, according to a national poll conducted by CNN.

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The most recent public opinion poll dealt primarily with the president’s opinion, which also revealed that 24% of voters believe that the president’s activities have improved the situation of the US economy, while 58% believe that it has worsened.

About a quarter of those surveyed (26 percent) believe that Joe Biden has the authority necessary to effectively perform the job of president.

Overall, 35% of voters have a favorable opinion of the current president, a slight improvement from June, but still well below the 59% when he took office.

35 percent of voters expressed a positive opinion of Donald Trump, while in the case of the former president, this indicator did not exceed 44 percent during his term.

Regarding the nomination of candidates for the 2024 presidential elections, two-thirds of American voters (67 percent) believe that Democrats should nominate someone else for president instead of Joe Biden.

Among concerns about the renomination of the current president, 49% cited Biden’s age, while 73% said they were concerned about the president’s physical and mental fitness. 76% of those surveyed expressed concern about whether Biden would be able to complete another four-year presidential term.

At the same time, two-thirds (66%) of American voters who belong to the president’s party and have Democratic sentiments believe it is very likely or likely that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee next November.

Americans’ desire to vote has increased in recent months, and at the end of August, 82% of participants said they were very or very enthusiastic about voting within 14 months. In May, less than 70% held this view.

CNN’s national poll asked about the president’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business affairs. 61% responded that the current president was considered a participant in his son’s trade relations with China and Ukraine even during his tenure as Vice President.

Regarding the criminal investigation and proceedings involving his son, 44% of those surveyed said Joe Biden actually did the right thing as president.

“I’m asking people who are ready and who know this is the time to do it, to seize the opportunity!” Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, asked on a television show, urging the US president to finally find a challenger in his party. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s rampage continues: Last weekend, he told reporters that he had no place to live.

“I would like to see a moderate governor, hopefully from the Heartland, one of the four states that Democrats will need.” – This is how Dean Phillips described the politician who

He believes he should finally emerge as a new Democratic presidential candidate.

(The Heartland is the American Midwestwhich was called the “body of the nation”, the strip extending from the Great Lakes to the mouth of the Mississippi River – Ed.)

Someone help!

Therefore, the Democratic representative called on his colleagues to challenge President Biden in the 2024 primaries: “Enjoy the opportunity!” He said.

He said on the program that he “loves” Biden, but wants him to transfer leadership to new leaders.

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin Obsession

Even Cornel West (leftist, philosopher, actor, public figure) supports Biden, can run,

That is why there are primaries – said the politician.

While Dean Phillips emphasized that he is specifically encouraging the president’s rivals to run, Fox News’ Lisa Booth said that Democrats want to get rid of Biden, but realize they may be “stuck” with Vice President Harris.

They reject it, but they just vote for it

According to some polls, as many as 50 percent of Democrats want a different candidate in the 2024 election, and in fact, according to some polls, that number is as high as 75 percent, Lisa Booth said on The Big Weekend Show. Booth recalls that Kamala Harris is the least popular vice president in American history, even less popular than Dick Cheney, since the time the Republican vice president shot someone.

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On the other hand, co-host Joe Concha warned that it was pointless to challenge Biden to a presidential debate: when a member of his own party tried to engage him in such a debate for the nomination, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had already announced that the president would not debate.

“Joe Biden can run and Joe Biden can win.” Concha said on the show. Referring to a New York Times poll, he supported this by saying that “They took twelve Biden electors who voted for the incumbent president in 2020 and asked them: Is Joe Biden a strong leader? The Twelve answered, “No.”.

Do you think he was disappointing as president? Concha recalls. All twelve answered yes.

Do you think it should be up and running in 2024? All twelve answered in the negative. Who will you vote for in 2024? All 12 answers were: Joe Biden.

Biden the bum president?

The US President told reporters last weekend without being asked: “I cannot return to my home. I do not have a home.”

He visited Joe Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and attended Mass at St. Edmund’s Roman Catholic Church there.

When he left the church, he was questioned by reporters and told them that the Secret Service was working on security improvements at his residence in Wilmington. Joe Biden also owns two homes in Delaware. He lives in the White House, but spends most weekends in Delaware, also called the First State, the territory of America’s oldest member state.

When reporters asked about his residential situation, he said: “I’m not homeless.”

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