Rengeteg Pfizer-vakcina kerül a hongkongi kukákba?

Will a lot of Pfizer vaccine be placed in containers in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong, with a population of 7.5 million people worldwide, is in an exceptional position to receive the necessary vaccine to quickly implement a vaccination program. Many vaccinations have been restricted Pfizer The Sinovac vaccine, which is needed to vaccinate the entire population, and shipments arrived at a good pace Writes Euronews.

However, the desire for vaccination is very low, with only one in five people receiving the Coronavirus vaccine so far, while the amount of vaccine stored locally is huge. The proportion of those vaccinated with the second dose is even lower: 14 per cent of Hong Kong residents received a booster shot. The vaccination squad of the Hong Kong leadership is trying to draw people’s attention to the problem and increase the susceptibility of vaccination, but so far, the professionals have not succeeded.

“Vaccines cannot be used after the expiration date, and BioNTech’s community vaccination centers are currently scheduled to close after September,” said Thomas Tsang, former head of the health center at RTHK Radio.

According to the expert, the most shocking thing about the residents’ attitude is that only a third of healthcare workers have been vaccinated in Hong Kong so far. Local politicians have suggested that if the vaccination program fails to boost over a short period of time, vaccines should be delivered to countries where stocks are being turned off before the expiration date.

The international health profession also sees that if the majority of people in Hong Kong do not vaccinate themselves and vaccination sites close, stopping the spread of the coronavirus will also not be effective. There are flights from Hong Kong to all parts of the world, so the infection can later be transmitted to distant continents such as Europe within a few hours.

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