What does Arnold Schwarzenegger want?  Millions were shocked by his new photo

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger want? Millions were shocked by his new photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger The following post appeared on his Instagram a few hours ago. Nobody knows what that means, but everyone is sure to like it.

The picture depicts the 74-year-old political actor in the form of the god Zeus, and the inscription just adds that

Available in February 2022.

It’s not possible to know exactly what will happen, but everyone really likes the photo: while Schwarzenegger’s posts typically produce a few hundred thousand likes, this photo received nearly one and a half million likes in just over half a day. Most commenters are surprised and guess what this might be all about.

Neither Wikipedia nor IMDB knows which movie project about Zeus is about to be revealed — but many remember that Schwarzenegger’s first role in Hollywood in the 1970s was another ancient deity: Hercules. It is unlikely to be a movie, because it is very difficult to hide the making of the movie in such a way that no information is leaked about it a few days before its release.

The men’s health The header seems to be the most likely: It might have something to do with the soccer Super Bowl slated for February 13th. This is because during the match break, especially high-budget ads are usually served, usually those that have not been seen before – perhaps Schwarzenegger appears in such an ad. Anyway, until the arrival of Zeus, let’s console Hercules.

(Featured Image: Instagram of Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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