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What can we expect at the Resident Evil Showcase?

What can we expect at the Resident Evil Showcase?

Capcom told the world last week that we would be finally guided around the village on Thursday, Jan.21 at 11am local time. Most understandably, they finally saw the time to introduce Resident Evil Village a little more deeply, which we’ve only seen flashes of gameplay so far. But this won’t be the only game during a performance! It was no coincidence that the Resident Evil Showcase was broadcast live, as we can expect interesting news about the entire franchise. This is what we are about, trying to find out in this article.

Let’s start with what we know for sure! The Play StationIn a day, a Capcom employee wrote that the village will receive a longer preview that will reveal more about the game world and the mysterious characters. But most importantly, producer Peter Fabiano will guide us through the elements of the game. The last installment of the horror franchise was announced last summer, accompanied by a primer, and then received another in September, but we’ve only seen moments from the game itself. So there will be a lot more to say about it, such as who the big women are in it and whether it will really happen in Romania. However, the most pressing question is whether the game can really launch in May, as a Leaks It can be guessed and whether it will also be released on previous generation consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), which Capcom promised to try.

It’s hard to guess what the village will also talk about during the performance, but that is far from impossible. In recent months, there have been very dangerous leaks in this regard. In November, Capcom admitted to stealing a lot of data from its servers, then a large portion of it was uploaded to the Internet. From the information pile, we are now interested in the list of titles of dozens of projects for the Japanese company that will appear, in principle, in the next four years. Of course, since the birth of this document, Capcom has managed to change its plans eight times, but anyway, the action titles for four Resident Evil games have appeared:

  • Resident Evil Outbreak – Fourth Quarter of 2021
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake – Q4 2022 Action
  • Biohazard Apocalypse – Business Q3 2023
  • Resident Evil Hank – Fourth Quarter of 2024 Business Year

If the document is original and Capcom hasn’t changed much of its plans, the next Resident Evil game will be the Outbreak Game set for the first quarter of 2022 (starting April 1 of the fiscal year). The name is eloquent, since a game of the same title was released for PlayStation 2 in 2003, which for the first time in the history of the series also received cooperative game mode and online support. Additionally, Capcom announced a few days ago that it would be shutting down at the end of the month Beta tester The hitherto unknown RE starts off, which may not be Village (though steamen By the way, the “Multiplayer” label can actually be read in Village). It is therefore conceivable that a new online RE game will be revealed during the performance.

As for the other titles on the list, the Resident Evil 4 version will likely be greeted by fans with a standing ovation as it is one of the most respected parts of the franchise to date. However, this is planned to arrive in early 2023, so it may be too early to announce. The other two titles (Apocalypse and Hank) are nothing eloquent, although the latter may refer to a well-known Resi character named Hunk.

Last November, you could even hear from a well-known RE leak that Resident Evil Outbreak really wanted Revelations 3. After Resident Evil 6, Revelations 2, which once again offers an even more horrific experience, was released in 2015, and many probably won’t mind it. Announce its continuation.

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Then there are the movie projects. The reboot is scheduled to be released on September 9, and Neflix has also announced a live-action and animated series. So your presentation promises to be fun, and we’ll jot down everything that’s announced during it.

What kind of ad are you really waiting for on the show? Write in the comment!

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