Wet Eb: Hungarian bronze medal highlight in spotlight

Wet Eb: Hungarian bronze medal highlight in spotlight

Hungary won a bronze medal in the synchronized swimmers’ competition on Saturday on the competition day of the European Water Championship in Budapest at the Danube Stadium.

Bronze medal for Hungary (Photo: Istvan Derinkenyi)


The Hungarian team began putting together Nikki Barta, Catalin Chesling, Linda Farkas, Boglarka Jack, Lilene Goetz, Hanna Hattala, Zabina Hengler, Adeline Regeni, Luca Reni, Anna Szabo, and cited ancient times as Bonnie Tyler Holding. Training the champion, which got 79.1000 points.

The Hungarian national team won a medal in synchronized swimming in a world competition for the first time.

“It’s an indescribable feeling that we all feel now that we could be a medalist in a European Championship. We did a lot of work, thanks to everyone who allowed us to train during the lockdown as well, because that meant a lot to this team. The third place value is given today. Really through the result because it is exceptionally high for our team, which are great comments and a big boost for the future.We should not forget that half of the girls were born between 2004 and 2005, and there are those who were born in 2003, meaning that most of them are still young. , We can get there in the context of a lot of joint preparations so that we can achieve more serious results in the team competition in the coming years as well. “ Luca Renee evaluated the success.

Favorite Ukrainians won the gold medal with confidence ahead of the Belarusians who took the silver.

In the landmark event, which debuted at the World Championships in 2019, teams have two minutes and 30 seconds to demonstrate their practices, which feature acrobatic elements that are more exciting, more enjoyable to the crowd, and less artistic.

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