Well, who can England never beat in the World Cup? I mean, apart from the Brazilians?

The second group stage of the FIFA World Cup has begun. Iran caused a surprise by scoring goals in the end, the host country lost and was eliminated, and the Netherlands could not cope with Ecuador. Then came the English, who always beat the United States – except when they meet in the World Cup …

In the second round, the results can be such that the team can advance regardless of the third round. In Group A, the Dutch were supposed to defeat Ecuador, but their early lead did not last until the end, and Valencia, who scored their third goal in the tournament (1-1), equalized. In the other match of the group, Senegal defeated the host country, Qatar, 3-1, thus becoming the first manager in the history of the World Cup to bid farewell to it before the final round of the group stage. The Dutch and Ecuadorians are waiting for the third round with almost the same balance, 4 points each, and Senegal 3 points. Since the Netherlands will meet Qatar, they will certainly qualify, but Senegal-Ecuador will be a real game.

In the second set, the Iranians started with a heavy defeat, but after 2-6 against England, they improved dramatically against the other representative of the British Isle, Wales. At the start of the match, taking advantage of the rainy World Cup display (the Welsh goalkeeper received a red card), Iran scored two goals and created a chance to take a 2-0 lead. Moreover, they finished second in the group, which also required the match between England and the United States to finish 0-0 in the evening. This was already the fifth goalless match in the tournament. Throughout their history, the English have played the Americans nine times outside of World Cup finals, winning eight of them. On the other hand, they were unable to beat the Yankees for the third time in the World Series! They have only lost more matches against the Brazilians… Despite their meager play, they are leading with 4 points, and will face Wales in the final round. Because of the goal difference, they will almost certainly advance, and the match between Iran and the United States, hot in all respects, may decide who advances.

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Today’s matches will be played on Saturday, Poland – Saudi Arabia (14:00) and Argentina – Mexico (20:00) in Group C, while Tunisia – Australia (11:00) and France – Denmark (17:00) will be played. group d.

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