We were equal partners for Slovenia – Zoltán Szilassy

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Hungarian men’s national team, which is preparing for the elite world championship, played against Slovenia, and the second meeting was the best and bravest match of the preparation period – according to second coach Zoltan Szilci, our Tampere team can surprise with good defense, great fighting spirit and a higher-tempo game.

According to Zoltán Szilassy, ​​there are encouraging signs ahead of the Elite WC tournament (Photo: Csaba Dömötör)

The difference between Wednesday’s and Thursday’s match was different, although Hungary hosted Slovenia in the same way. First, our team left MVM Dome Ice with a score of 0-4, and although they lost for the second time (2-4), they fought back in the 58th minute and were behind with a lucky goal and an empty net goal.

“We were not in the best condition on Wednesday, but on Thursday we performed excellently, played very encouragingly. After the match, we looked at our statistical indicators, according to which we took more shots on goal, created more chances than the day before, and were partners equal to Slovenia. – Evaluation of the second coach of the national team, Zoltan Zelassi. – We should have scored our third goal, rarely do you win a game with two goals – instead, the opposition scored a goal, and the victory was based on that situation.”

The specialist who won the La Liga title with Gerge (for the first time in the club’s history) highlighted that the crowd also played a huge role in the fact that the two matches were significantly different, despite the fact that there were maximum numbers of spectators in Thursday’s match. It was limited to half the dome’s capacity—let’s add, roughly 7,500 people watched the game and immediately cheered it on. Szelsey noted that if twice as many people actually went to the game against Canada on Tuesday, in addition to breaking the game record for the Hungarian national team, it would also be a joyful celebration of the sport.

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“Not to mention the Canadians have been to the finals of the previous three competitions, they won two years ago, they come with a team full of NHL players, and it will be a real hockey celebration. I am sure we will make a worthy partner to prepare, and on Tuesday we will play against a team at the same pace that we see in Tampere – thanks This, we will move to a higher level and not get slapped in the face. In the first match by how fast our rivals do. According to the general opinion, the French and the Austrians look beatable, if we can get close to the speed required against them and show character, we can cause an upset.”Added the second coach.

But let’s also talk about team performance! The foundation period often brought sweaty and ineffective hockey, although we would like to point out that all our opponents took to the ice in near peak form – Japan won the Division 1/B world championship, in which Ukraine came second, in While Great Britain and Poland made it to the First Division / World Cup until the elite. With that in mind and especially based on the game featured in the second meeting against the Slovenes, we have reason to be confident that we will surprise and score points one game at a time in the Elite World Championship in May.

Hungarian ice hockey selection framework
Goalkeepers: Bence Blaise (JKH GKS Jastrzabie – Poland), Dominic Horvath (Hydro Fehérvár AV19), Miklós Rajna (UTE / Coventry – England)
Defenders: Ádám Falus (Küsnacht Lions – Switzerland), Nándor Fejes (Gyergyói HK – Romania), Zsombor Garát (BJA), Zétény Hadobás (Västeras – Sweden), Milán Horváth (Hydro Fehérvár AV19), Ice Roland Bears (DVTK) (BJA), Bence Stipsicz (Hydro Fehérvár AV19), Bence Szabó (BJA), Bence Szirányi (DVTK Ice Bears)
Attackers: István Bartalis (Hydro Fehérvár AV19), Karol Csányi (Zvolen – Slovakia), Csanád Erdély (Hydro Fehérvár AV19), Vilmos Galló (Linköping – Sweden), János Hári (Hydro Fehérvár AV19óger) Gergő (FTC-Telekom), Krisztián Nagy (BJA ), Kristóf Papp (North Michigan University – United States), Balázs Sebők (Ilves Tampere – Finland), István Sofron (CSíKSZEREDA – Romania), István Terbócs (Hydro Fehesérvár) Nátán (Hydro Fehér Vár Av19), Péter Vincze (hk gyergyói – Romania )

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Hungary selected toilet preparation program
April 5, Wed, Miskolc
Hungary and Ukraine 0-1 – penalty shootout
April 6, Thursday, Miskolc
Hungary – Ukraine 1-4
April 14th, Fri, Miskolc
Hungary – Japan 5-2
April 15th, Saturday, Miskolc
Hungary – Japan 0-3
Thursday, April 20th, Tichy
Poland-Hungary 4-2
Friday 21st April Bytom
Poland-Hungary 3˜–2
Tuesday 25th April, Milton Keynes
Great Britain-Hungary 7-4
Wednesday 26th April, Nottingham
Great Britain – Hungary 3-2
Wed 3 May, Budapest
Hungary – Slovenia 0-4
Thursday 4 May, Budapest
Hungary – Slovenia 2-4
Tuesday 9 May, Budapest
19.00: Hungary and Canada

Ice hockey toilet 2023
Selected water cycle program in Hungary (hungarian time)
Saturday 13th May
Hungary – Denmark
Sunday 14 May
Hungary and the United States
Tuesday, May 16th
Hungary – France
Thursday, May 18th
Hungary and Sweden
Friday 19 May
Hungary – Finland
Sunday 21st May
Hungary and Germany
Monday 22 May
Hungary and Austria

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