We learned almost nothing from the Concorde teaser trailer

A month ago, news came that PlayStation Studios had acquired PlayStation Firewalk Studios The development team, however, hasn’t revealed what type of game the team is working on, which Sony incubated two years ago.

However, this situation changed during the PlayStation presentation, where it was revealed with a rabbit-like teaser trailer which Concord The team’s first match is being prepared. And that’s practically all. In the video, a spaceship races through colored lights, carrying weapons, food, and other items, but doesn’t even reveal the game’s mode.

Well, the latter was revealed in the related blog post: a multiplayer FPS PvP game is in the works, which we’ll be able to play from 2024 on PlayStation 5 and PC. According to the developers’ promise, every time we enter the game, a brand new adventure will begin, and each match will bring the possibility of a new story.

Maybe someday it will become clear what all this will be … 😉


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