We can name the exoplanets again!  |  csillagaszat.hu

We can name the exoplanets again! | csillagaszat.hu

The International Astronomical Union (International Astronomical Union – IAU) Astronomical Communications Office – OAO) invites astronomers inside and outside the ranks of the International Astronomical Union to find the names of twenty well-known planetary systems along with educators, students, amateur astronomers, and members of the general public interested in astronomy. In addition to the host star, we currently know of only one exoplanet in each of these planets.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the founding of the OAO, the International Astronomical Union is announcing a tender for the names of 20 exoplanet systems that astronomers will soon observe using the James Webb Space Telescope. The Name ExoWorlds 2022 The goal of the competition is to give professional astronomers, along with the general public, the opportunity to name these 20 planets and their host stars.

An imaginative illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope and its main objectives. Exoplanet examination also features prominently in the Space Telescope Program. source: Lewis Dartnell / The sky at night.

How can we join the initiative? In many places around the world, teams are waiting for professional astronomers to join their ranks. A professional miner can be a member of several teams at the same time. In the bidding framework, the applying teams must also carry out educational activities. Professional astronomers can contribute their expertise to these initiatives and share the joy of discovery.

Professional astronomers are the IAU working in their country With the National Astronomy Mainstreaming Coordinators by calling orMeet the IAU astronomers!’, they can apply to the program in order to provide support and guidance, as well as participate in educational events.

Professional astronomers are also encouraged to recruit as many students, teachers, and other members interested in astronomy as possible into the group they lead. Additional rules for participation a Application site Exists in the English language.

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NameExoWorlds 2022 is the European Union working group responsible for naming exoplanets executive committeeThis is it to OAOThe National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (National Institute for Astronomical Research of Thailand – fire) is a joint initiative.

Additional and detailed information in English on Bid A www.nameexoworlds.iau.org Available on the site.


Matipun Tangmatitham
NameExoWorlds 2022 Project Manager
IAU Office of Astronomical Communication (OAO)
[email protected]

Susanna Felipeke Martins
International Contact Person
IAU Office of Astronomical Communication (OAO)
[email protected]


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