We can finally watch Netflix without the internet

We can finally watch Netflix without the internet

The long-awaited feature for downloading movies and series has arrived at your streaming service provider.

Is the phone in airplane mode? Are we abroad and do not want the internet due to roaming fees there? Are you out of your monthly mobile network budget? Until now, we had to give up watching Netflix for mobile in situations like these because the service only allows streaming content from the internet all the time.

However, they have now started activating a new feature that allows us to download pre-selected movies and series to our devices and play them later even if we do not have an active internet connection. This feature is similar to the one that Spotify uses, among other things, so in this case we can safely capture the movie or series we are interested in through the WiFi available at home or while traveling and then play it later even if there’s no net, or we don’t want it. To flow from there.

The new feature is available to Netflix customers under Android and iOS, so it’s worth the update. Then in the settings we have two options regarding the download, we can choose between standard and high quality. By definition, the standard version gives slightly lower quality, but it takes up less space on the device’s storage and arrives faster, while the high-quality version is chosen if we have enough time for downloading and the built-in storage in the phone or microSD card is not available. Packed with all kinds.

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Unfortunately, the download option is not yet available for all content but it is reported that the current offering will be expanded continuously. First, the self-produced series and movies will receive a download button (like Stranger Things, The Crown, Narcos, Orange is the New Black), and some female-like titles like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or Kung-Fu Panda 3.

To download, just go to the information page for that movie or series, where a small download icon will appear in addition to the play.

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