VIZA - Economy - News runs smoothly in Hungarian residence establishments

VIZA – Economy – News runs smoothly in Hungarian residence establishments

The new registration system was introduced in Hungary in September.

Previously, it was enough to fill out an application form for guests, now a new type of guest identification is required to occupy the place of accommodation, and this is the visa regime. The essence of this new method is that upon check-in at the reception, personal documents are scanned with a document reader and then sent to the Hungarian Tourism Agency in a closed database. This system is for public order purposes only, and personal data can only be accessed by the police.

“I think having this system in place is a very big plus in terms of security. I see that’s how the guests deal with that. There is no doubt that they have to pass this kind of data.” Krisztina Ranczinger, Hotel Manager, Hotel Dorottya, answered our question.

Minors must also verify their personal documents to register. In the event of invalid documents, the host shall refuse to use the service and refund the accommodation or deposit if paid in advance. In many European countries, this method of receiving guests is used and has long been accepted practice in accommodation establishments.

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