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Vintage apologizes to Hungarian users

Vintage apologizes to Hungarian users

Due to a technical issue, several Hungarian Vinted users indicated that they did not get their money back even after the customer received the product sent. In response to Startlap’s inquiry, Vinted has now announced that it has identified the bug and that they are working on a fix.

As we wrote earlier, in recent days more and more people have reported on various social media sites that although they have sent their parcels sold on the Vinted interface, the parcel delivery service Packeta has also delivered the orders, but due to an error, the sellers are not getting their money back, And in most cases, Vintage Buyers will also give you a refund – Thus, in many cases, the customer has the product and the amount originally paid for it.

Vinted’s press department has just responded to our inquiry and informed Startlap in a message that they have been able to identify a technical error, which will be rectified shortly.

The platform apologizes to users in Hungary and offers several options to resolve the issue.

“First of all, we would like to apologize to Vinted users in Hungary who, due to a temporary technical error, experienced uncertainty regarding receipt of their transaction revenue,” the message begins.

“We are working hard to resolve the situation, we have already identified the root cause and we are fixing it. We would like to reassure all users that their income is safe and once our team resolves the issue their shipping status will be updated for all members so that they receive proper payments,” he said, adding that some of those affected have They have already updated their status.

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“We recommend the following steps for affected members. If their transaction is not canceled, the member should wait for the package to be delivered. Auto-delete is disabled, so these orders will not be automatically deleted. Once the error is fixed, members should complete the transaction as normal.”

The other solution is used if the transaction is canceled in the meantime. In this case, Vinted asks users to contact their team, through which they will advise on what to do next.

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