Veszprém is second in the BL group

Veszprém is second in the BL group

Telekom Veszprém won 35-28 at PPD in Croatia in Round 13 of the UEFA Men’s Handball Champions League group stage.

She died at the age of 59 Zlatko Sarasevisri Remember it started with a blacksmith’s break. Veszprém started better and led with just one goal in the 16th minute, but then delivered the 7-1 series with a flawless defense and offensive play.

After the game of 17-11, the Croats followed 20-17, but the substitute Serbian leader, Petar Nenadek She kicked off the game with the help of the Brazilian Rogerio Moraes It was effective four times in a row.

The tired Zagrips made more and more mistakes, winning Vesprim with predictable confidence and easy play, taking second place in his group.

He is the most successful player on the field Andreas Nelson And the What is the city? He had six goals, the Hungarian right wing for Hungary, Csaba Leimeter Found five times. Guest goalkeeper, Vladimir Kubara Contribute to success with ten defenses.

This was the 23rd match between the two teams against each other on the international stage, Vesperm won for the eighteenth time with four defeats and a draw.

Men’s Handball, Group B Round 13

PPD Zagreb (Croatian) – Telekom Veszprém 28-35 (11-17)

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