Velvet - Life - Here are three places where you are guaranteed a white Christmas

Velvet – Life – Here are three places where you are guaranteed a white Christmas

We don’t even know when was the last time we had a real white Christmas in Hungary, when we didn’t come home to decorate a tree in the rain or fall or shine, but we were in the company of flying snowflakes. We can’t expect the latter this year either, but there are many places in the world where snow-capped landscapes are almost guaranteed to celebrate love. We show three of these places.

1. Vaduz

Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, near the Swiss border, promises stunning scenery along the Rhine. The view of the settlement with the 12th-century castle high on the hills is even more magical in winter, as not a year goes by without the landscape turning white.

254 cm of snow fell in December 2011, and since 2009 most European capitals have fallen in Vaduz.

2. Oslo

The Norwegian capital is a fascinating place in many ways. According to research, people who live in Oslo, surrounded by a lot of parks and forests, are among the healthiest people in the world, and during holidays, the white snow environment helps you prepare for Christmas.

And if it snows in Oslo, you can expect thick flakes and thick blankets. Last December, for example, local residents received 158 cm of snow as a gift.

3. Sarajevo

In the city full of history, we can also expect massive snowfall in winter, especially during the Christmas period. Sarajevo is located along the Miljacka River, surrounded by the Dinaric Mountains, so cooler and wetter weather is not uncommon here.

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In December 2012, the most wonderful Christmas snowfall in recent years was recorded here: about 124 cm of snow covered the countryside at that time, he writes roadster.

Snow holidays

Since 2009, Moscow has boasted the most, with a total of nine white holidays.

After the Russian capital, Nur-Sultan Kazakh and Estonian Tallinn were tied 8-8 times, followed by Reykjavik 7 in Iceland.

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