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Vanda Keszely is fifth in the Flat Water World Championships

Vanda Keszely is fifth in the Flat Water World Championships

In the longest distance at the World Championships, participants had to complete sections of the run, as in a marathon, which would have been difficult for seven-time world and European marathon champion Vanda Kesley.

In the last few days of the closing day, rain has also made things difficult for the kayakers, and furthermore, Nuclear Power Station SE’s edge couldn’t finish well in the first round. He had to move from the edge of the track into the depths of the track, so he was in twelfth place after the first running stage. Since then, he has shown professional racing, getting everything off the track that conditions allowed. Because of the difficult start and the huge disadvantage, the podium was already out of reach, and despite this, the competitor from Pax made his way to fifth place, according to the website of the local federation.

Next week will be the main competition of the year for Vanda Kiszli, the Marathon World Championships in Vilen Kolding, Denmark, where the Baksiyan will compete in the short circuit race, as well as the classic distance in singles and doubles.

Rica Opawski, of Bonehead, was close to the podium in the 500m as a member of the quadruple – with Giada Bragato, Zofia Csorba and Bianca Nagy – on the closing day of the World Championships on Sunday, as they were still third at the halfway mark. But in the last 100 metres, the competitors managed to change their pace, and the quartet finished fourth, only a tenth behind the Canadian unit.

Women’s 1K 5000m: 1. Estefania Fernandez (Spain) 22:45.357, 2. Madeleine Schmidt (Canada) 22:46.612, 3. Melina Anderson (Sweden) 22:56.996, 5. Vanda Keszle 23:09.676min
Women’s C4 500m: 1. China 1:47.186, 2. Germany 1:47.780, 3. Canada 1:48.143, 4. Hungary 1:48.761 minutes.

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