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More steps are needed to integrate Roma at the EU level

More steps are needed to integrate Roma at the EU level

In their joint statement, Vera Jourova, Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency, Helena Daly, Commissioner for Equality, and Oliver Varhelyi, Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Accession Negotiations, described it as an encouraging development that many EU member states and countries awaiting accession are actively fighting to stamp out anti-Roma and take Actions against discrimination against Roma.

However, they emphasized that progress is slow, and that many Roma still do not have equal access to education, employment, health care, or housing. Announced: The European Union, together with the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, has launched an initiative called EQUIROM, aimed at combating stereotypes about Roma in the media.

We want to create positive narratives, with a special focus on Roma women and youth, and we want to draw attention to Roma culture and history, including the Roma Holocaust.

– they said.

The EU Commissioners called on the Member States and the acceding states to implement all the measures outlined in the European Strategic Framework for Roma and to intensify their efforts to combat Roma and anti-Roma stereotypes.

Together, we must build a culture of support and inclusion and show our appreciation for all that Roma have contributed to our common European cultural heritage.

– they added. World Roma Day has been celebrated since 1990 to commemorate the first international meeting of Roma, which took place between 7 April and 12 April 1971 in Chelsfield, near London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

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