Van der Poel won the fastest Roubaix, also cheating Van Aert and Degenkolb

Mathieu van der Poel won the fastest ever Prix-Roubaix

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As expected, Prizs-Roubaix also brought great competition, which was won by Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel with the fastest time ever, 46.84 km/h. Fortunately, Alpecin-Deceuninck could score twice after Jasper Philipsen scored in the second round.

– As a team, we finished our hard work, winning first and second places. It was one of the best beach runs, and I felt really strong right up to the finish. I tried again and again, and then it really started after Degenkolb bükst. I didn’t know Wout was having a meltdown in the middle, I just noticed he was in the back. I twisted the rope on my own, and from there I tried to give it my all and make it to the goal. It’s hard to pinpoint my spring this year, which was really bad. I became the fastest winner in Roubaix – announced Van der Poel shortly after arriving at the club.

– We have not really managed to process the events so far, because we did not dare to think in advance that we would be first and second. The fact that when I walk into the racetrack I see Matthew win straight away and then run back to claim my spot on the podium is absolutely unique. I consider this one of the best results in my career, maybe one day I will be able to win this competition myself, but for now I am completely satisfied with the second place Philipsen brought it to you.

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