US arms shipment worth billions arrives in Taiwan

The US government announced, Friday, that the United States will sell more than one billion dollars in military equipment to Taiwan. Such a large shipment has not been sent there since the election of Joe Biden.

Taiwanese military supply ship and fishing boat

Photo: Walid Barazig/Anadolu Agency, via Agence France-Presse

The bulk of the package ($655 million) is logistical support, which will be used to improve the island’s air defense signaling system. The purpose is to inform them as soon as possible if China is going to launch an attack on Taiwan.

In addition, they send $355 million worth of Harpoon anti-ship missiles and $85 million Sidewinder missiles, which can be launched from planes or helicopters against air targets.

According to the US government, the shipment is necessary so that Taiwan can “retain adequate self-defense capability”. They called on the Chinese leadership to stop military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan.

Laura Rosenberger, director of China and Taiwan affairs at the White House, said the Chinese military has deployed large forces on the water and air, and is working to change the situation in the Taiwan Strait. An imaginary center line was drawn here nearly 70 years ago, separating China and Taiwan from each other, but The Taiwanese leadership is preparing for the Chinese to cross this line more and more. China has never formally recognized the middle line, tacitly at best.

China in August He undertook five days of military training On Taiwan, after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island.

Taiwan army on Thursday fire first An unidentified civilian drone entered its airspace near the small island of Xihu (Lion Island) off the Chinese coast. As part of the Chinmen Archipelago, Lion Island is located near the coast of China.

China Taiwan is considered its own territorywhich will increase its military spending by 13 percent next year. (AP)

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