US ambassador-designate learns Hungarian

US ambassador-designate learns Hungarian

David Pressman arrived in Budapest, and according to what he said the United States is a friend of Hungary and the Hungarian people.

We live in difficult times, and in difficult times, it is more important than ever that friends stay together,” said the diplomat nominated to head the US embassy in Budapest at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Although “there may be a lot of political noise around us,” this is an important moment in the region and in the world, “to do it well, we need each other,” he said. David Pressmanreported by the state news agency.

The diplomat stressed that the two countries are fighting together as allies to solve the most important economic and security policy problems. It is more important than ever that bilateral relations are strong, based on shared values. He is looking forward to working with the Hungarian government and meeting as many Hungarians as possible.

The designated ambassador recalls: He arrived at Budapest Airport on his first independent flight to Europe in decades, then lived with a Hungarian family and toured Europe with Hungarian friends, so he got to know Europe in many ways through Hungary. It is an extraordinary country filled with many talented people.

At the end of his statement, David Pressman said in Hungarian:

I am honored to be here.

US Embassy in Hungary referred to earlier David Pressman has already thrown himself with enthusiasm to learn Hungarian. He was quoted as praising the legacy of the Hungarian freedom fighters at the Senate hearing, saying:

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Their courage changed the fate of Hungary and Europe and inspired the generations that came after them, who decided to dedicate their lives to promoting dignity and freedom.

Joe Biden The US president announced in May that he had appointed David Pressman to head the embassy in Budapest, and in July the Senate approved his nomination. The diplomat was sworn in as US ambassador to Hungary on August 8.

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